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Management Plan (Management Plan Of Wetland, Udgp, Development Plan And Etc.)

The Management and Development Plans are technical reports to determine the guidelines of  for preservation, secure, improve, maintain and promote of areas which are included into the preservation status. These plans are considered as guides which determine the joint resolutions and actions among the people living in the region, the related local administrations and others who are concerned. These surveys are carried out in our country through the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and the Ministry of Forestry and Water. Already, The Plan about the Wedland Areas of Akşehir-Eber Villages, Kuyucuk Wilhlage Management Plan, Balıkdamı Management Plan, Tödürge and Ulaş Lakes Management Plan, Yenice Wild Life ​Development Area Management and Improvement Plan, Hafik Lake ​Wetland Management Plan and Karakuyu Reeds Management Plan are executed successfully by  our company.

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