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Please click to access Çınar Mühendislik Müşavirlik A.Ş Catalog.

Çınar Engineering Consulting Inc. Please click to access Authorized Legal Entity and Engineering Services Brochure.


  • Geothermal Power Plants

  • Thermal Power Plants

  • Wind Power Plants

  • Cogeneration Plants

  • Biogas Plants

  • Dams and Hydroelectric Power Plants

  • Energy Transmission Line Projects

  • Transportation Projects (Metro, Railway, Highway etc.)

  • Industrial Facilities

  • Agriculture, Food and Livestock Projects (Fish Farms, Integrated Meat Plants etc.)

  • Coastal Port Projects

  • Mining Projects

  • Waste Chemical Plants

  • Waste Storage Facilities

  • Projects for Increasing the Efficiency of Environmental Management ( Blue Card Project etc.)

  • World Bank, IFC, Equator Principles etc. Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment Reports in Turkish and English,

  • EIA and Environmental Monitoring Studies,

  • Environmental Consultancy and Training Activities,

  • Location Selection Services,

  • Social Impact Assessment

  • Social Management Plan

  • Social Structure Analysis

  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan

  • Resettlement Action Plans

  • Livelihood Restoration Plans

  • Ecological Landscape Report and Landscape Restoration Plans

  • Environmental Baseline Assessment, Measurement and Analysis Services

  • Environmental Law Services,

  • Soil Investigation Reports and Geological-Geotechnical Survey Reports Based on Zoning Plan,

  • Preparation of Hydrographic, Oceanographic, Geological and Geophysical Reports,

  • Preparation of Hydrogeological Survey Reports,

  • Cumulative Environmental Impact Assessment (Basin Based HEPP Projects Assessment),

  • Air Quality Assessment Report,

  • Preparation of Acoustic Report,

  • Preparation of Zoning Plans,

  • Preparation of Waste Landfill Application Projects,

  • Ecosystem Assessment Report, Biodiversity, Inventory and Monitoring and Bio-Restoration Studies

  • Management Plan Projects

  • Preparation of Development Plans

  • Evaluation of natural protected areas

  • Water Quality and Biological Monitoring Services,

  • Water Resources Management Plan Services,

  • Emergency Response Plan and Risk Assessment,

  • Coastal Facilities Feasibility and Modeling Studies,

  • Preparation of Soil Conservation Project,

  • Preparation of Rangeland Improvement Projects

  • Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment

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