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Tuz Gölü (Salt Lake) Underground Natural Gas Storage Project

Today, as a result of the energy demand caused by the population increase and the increase in natural gas use,

underground storage of natural gas and its use is of great importance for Turkey. Different projects are developed in line with this increasing demand. With these planned projects, it is aimed to prevent seasonal fluctuations that will occur in the future depending on the increase in natural gas demand in the housing sector.


Within the scope of the Tuz Gölü Underground Natural Gas Storage Project, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies were completed in accordance with the Turkish Environmental Legislation and the EIA Positive decision was taken. For the project, for which the EIA positive decision was made in 2003, approval was obtained from the World Bank in 2005, and the audit and monitoring studies of the project were initiated in the following processes.


In this project, Environmental Monitoring and Consultancy Service will be provided to BOTAŞ for 8 years with a team of 11 people as ÇINAR.

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