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About Us

Çınar Engineering Consulting Inc. was established in 1997 by Selahittin Hacıömeroğlu, Agricultural Engineer and Environmental Impact Assessment Specialist (EIA Specialist). In 22 years Çınar has developed and grew into a corporate company in the environmental sector. During this process, Çınar Group Company was founded by adding new firms to Çınar Engineering Consulting Inc. In particular, Çınar Environmental Laboratory has been an excellent environmental laboratory, both nationally and internationally accredited. You can also check other group companies.

The environment is a rising value in the world. Çınar Engineering Inc., Çınar Environmental Laboratory and Ekoplan Engineering Consulting Ltd. along with the ever-growing graphics and engineering experience, which provides engineering, consultancy and laboratory services on environmental issues and with nearly 1,000 work experience, they are constantly improving themselves. In the 21st century, in the center of three continents, it is decided to increase its contribution to the needs of the sector and to expand its diameter.

On our website you will see the reflections of our organizations’ experiences in their sectors. For Both the Private Sector and Public Institutions; Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Environmental Management Plan, EIA Monitoring, Environmental Management, Social Impact Analysis and Management Planning, GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Applications, Biodiversity Assessment and Monitoring, Management Plan (Water Management Plan, Development Plan, etc.) Master Plan and Watershed Planning, Water Resources Management Planning, Water Quality and Biological Monitoring on Watershed, Preparation of Water Rights Planning Report, Preparation of Ecosystem Assessment Reports, Ecological Landscape Evaluation Reports and Landscape Reinstatement Plans, Risk Assessment and Emergency Response Plan, Preparation of Feasibility and Modelling Report for Coastal Facilities, Preparation of Soil Protection Project, Air, Noise, Water Pollution, Waste Heat etc. Modelling, Water quality (Water and wastewater, sea water, lake, surface and groundwater analysis), Air Quality (Emission and Imission Measurements) and Modelling, Noise and Vibration Measurements, Acoustic Report Preparation and Noise Mapping, Soil Analysis, Waste, Solid Waste and Treatment Sludge Analysis, Waste Oil and Insulation Fluid Analysis, Sampling and Bio-Restoration Planning services are provided.

These studies are carried out by our experienced experts working in different disciplines (environment, geology, hydrogeology, chemistry, forest, construction, electricity, agriculture, city planner, biologist, hydrobiologist etc.) within our companies. The effectiveness of our staff is still in a high structure with the contribution of our young specialists.

As the ÇINAR Group, we would like to thank all our customers who have entrusted us with their work. Your continued trust will contribute to the development of our sector and our country. You get to know us, let us be your solution partner.


  • We focus all our services on ensuring unconditional customer satisfaction. We believe that the continuous development and training of all our employees are essential for the continuous improvement of our service and system.

  • We believe that the thoughts of our employees and staff will help us achieve excellence in our services and we attach importance to the protection of the environment.

  • We strive to earn their respect and commitment to our customers by offering them as high as possible products and services. For us, profit is the reward given to us by our customers as long as we are satisfied and we make our relations permanent.

  • We are responsible for the fact that our employees have a share in the success of our company, are participative, creative, constantly improve themselves, are satisfied with their work and feel self-assured.

  • Quality in our opinion; it is the most important tool to do the right thing at the right time, while fulfilling our responsibilities


  • Using resources in an efficient and rational way, minimizing our wastes, eliminating systematically and regularly as required by relevant regulations,

  • Organizing and organizing educational and awareness-raising activities in and outside the company, supporting such activities,

  • To continuously improve environmental performance values and to use natural resources in the most efficient way,

  • By fulfilling our legal obligations and responsibilities that encompass environmental aspects, we are committed to adopt and adhere to the Environmental Management System in order to provide environmental awareness systematically and regularly in all fields of activity.


  • To assess the hazards and take protective measures to minimize the effects of risks

  • To raise awareness about OHS by providing trainings related to OHS,

  • To ensure the continuous development and improvement of our management system by ensuring everyone’s participation,

  • To be prepared for emergencies by taking necessary measures,

  • All legal obligations are fulfilled.


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