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Internship Applications

Students studying in the Environmental, Geology and Hydrogeology Engineering departments of the Engineering Faculties of universities can apply for internship.

Primarily for the evaluation of internship; If there is a deficiency in the documents requested in the applications by mail or in person, the relevant internship applications are not taken into consideration.

Documents Required for Internship Application:

  • Photocopy of identify card,

  • Transcript,

  • Resume (CV),

  • Document showing that the school has made or will be insured on the internship dates,

  • The internship application form, in which the compulsory internship dates given by the school are stated and approved,

  • Certificate of settlement.

Internship Application and Internship Process:

  • Continuing education is required for the internship.

  • Those who want to increase their knowledge, experience, experience or voluntary internship after graduation are not accepted as interns.

  • In order to apply, the student must submit a request letter written on behalf of our institution stating that he / she wants to do compulsory internship from the educational institution he / she is attending.

  • Internship applications are made between January and May of the current year. Students who want to apply for an internship must have a preliminary interview with our company after they receive the documents requested for application between these periods (a list of intern candidates is prepared according to the order of application).

  • Following the final meetings of the intern candidates to be held between January and May, a letter of acceptance and approval of their school is given for the accepted candidates.

  • Between January and May, the placements are made and the internship dates are determined by taking into account the demands of the department they are studying and the unit they want to do internship.

  • Candidate interns are informed about the necessary working conditions, conditions and the opportunities offered in our company seven days before the start of the internship.

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