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Preparation of Ecosystem Assessment Reports

Ecosystem Assessment Reports determine the effects (and their inhibition strategies) of projects planned to construct in the area by undertaking ecological surveys by the experts in the field (ecologist,  wild life expert, hydro biologist, hydro geologist, ornithologist, herpetolog, GIS expert, geologist and etc.)

Ecosystem Assessment Reports, which are undertaken during EIA processes, prepared according to the related ministries’ and international formats. Also for the reports, ÇINAR utilizes its full time experts who has PhD degree researches as well as various academicians from the various universities whenever required.

Ecological Landscape Assessment Report and the Preparation of the Landscape Repair Plans

During the EIA report preparation,  “Ecological Landscape Assessment Reports” and “Landscape Repair Plans” are required by the related ministries and international financial institutions.

The landscape elements that will be affected by the project and the basic data during the landscape repair process is determined by the landscape studies.

Accordingly, “Ecological Landscape Assessment Reports” and “Landscape Repair Plans” are prepared by studying general landscape, flora, geology, geomorphology, climate and soil of the project area. Thus, the effects of the construction to the landscape are minimized.

In these studies, in addition to the literature surveys and land studies, spatial data which is provided by CINAR GIS Department is used. On top of the spatial data, classification of landscape elements and landscape analysis is easily executed.



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