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GIS (Geographic Information System) Applications and Mapping

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is an aggregation of systems which provides compilation and analysis of the vectorial and raster data for a specific purpose.

As accumulating and storing the information as well as its analysis after having modelled them within a single system shall provide a rapid and reliable access to the information at hand. The efficiency and reliability of the system shall be maximum by this way. In this sense, the GIS is the greatest breakthrough in the use of geographical information utilisation next to the invention of maps.

The GIS unit of our company creates the map subheadings of data designs and analysis in the projects of PTD, EIA, ESIA, Management Plant, Social Researches, Biological Diversification Projects, Emergency Response Plans and Environmental Laboratory.

ArcGIS, among the GIS softwares which has the highest number of users globally for the management and analysis of GIS, is used in our GIS Department. Through ArcGIS, software the database designs are prepared by bringing together and digitising the vectored and raster data in the ‘projection datum’ which is dependent to the location obtained for the project.

Thus, rapid and reliable access to the spatial data and information provides fast and supportive decision making processes of our CUSTOMER’S projects.

Çınar Engineering Co, Inc., is able to fulfil land utilisation, risk analysis, geo-statistical analysis, surface analysis and modelling and geological and hydro-geological analyses and three dimensional surface simulations by using the current and high resolution satellite visions by using licensed GIS software (ArcGIS, Global Mapper, TNTMips, NetCAD, AutoCAD), the technical equipment which are available in its GIS Unit and its staff which is specialised in earth sciences.

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