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Biological Diversity Determination And Monitoring

Biological diversification defines the awareness and diversibility of living organisms and their mutual interactions among themselves and with the complex ecological layouts of their environment in which they live. Turkey manifests a vastvariety of ecological values as for its climate, geological makeup, soil and water resources, and is located at the route where the birds migrate, sheltered several animals during ice age has a vast diversification of living species as reflected in its flora and fauna.

By considering the facts that natural resources are rapidly depleting, environmental pollution and the related problems, which emerge mostly because of thecurrent rapid increase in world population, direct the countries to a more intensified cooperation to seek joint solutions. In this sense, our company carries out projects about Biological Diversification and its Monitoring which the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and the Ministry of Forestry and Water Procure delegates.

Our company has completed the projects regarding the surveys about determining the Biological Diversification in Köyceğiz-Dalyan, Ihlara  and Hazar Lake Basin Special Environmental Protection Areas successfully. “Terrestrial and Inland Water Ecosystems Biodiversity Inventory and Monitoring for ​Gümüşhane Province”, “Terrestrial and Inland Water Ecosystems Biodiversity Inventory and Monitoring for ​Bitlis Province” projects are ongoing under our responsibility.

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