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ÇINAR has adopted an integrated “Environmental and Social Impact Assessment” principle for investments and all other planned projects, taking into account the social dimension as well as the environmental dimension in its goal of "sustainable development". In this framework, while evaluating the socio-economic impacts for investments, taking into account both national legislation and international legislation and standards (IFC, EBRD, etc.), a decision support system is also established for projects and applications.


In this context;


  • Socio-Economic Current Situation Studies,

  • Social Impact Assessment Studies,

  • Social Monitoring Studies,

  • Livelihood Restoration Plans,

  • Resettlement Action Plans


ÇINAR is successfully prepared in cooperation with full-time sociologists who are experts in their fields and universities when necessary.


Social Impact Assessment (SIA), which investigates the current social and economic situation in settlements that fall under the impact of projects; analyzes the demography, socio-cultural and economic structure of the region, its infrastructure and its potential effects on public health; It is a study that offers solutions to minimize the negative effects of these effects and develops an inclusive perspective taking into account human rights, culture and social norms. In line with the sensitivity they show to the HIA process, international financial institutions stipulate that the projects they support must comply with relevant social standards. In addition, the concept of HIA is gradually gaining importance in investments in our country. Çınar Mühendislik Müşavirlik A.Ş. has carried out a Social Impact Assessment Study for many important projects in accordance with the standards of national and international financing (International Finance Cooperation, World Bank, Equator Principles) since its establishment. Within the scope of Social Impact Assessment, our works such as preparing Stakeholder Engagement Plan, Informing Stakeholders, Field Survey (Household-public survey, Headman interviews, Focus group meetings, Institution interviews), Socio-Economic Current Situation Analysis, Preparation of Social Management Plans are carried out by our expert team.

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