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Our Policies

Environmental policy

  • Using resources effectively and rationally, to minimize our waste, to dispose of it systematically and regularly as stipulated by the relevant regulations,

  • Organizing and supporting environmental education and awareness activities inside and outside the company,

  • To continuously improve environmental performance values ​​and to use natural resources in the most efficient way,

  • By fulfilling our legal obligations and responsibilities covering environmental aspects, we are committed to adopting the Environmental Management System and fulfilling its requirements in order to ensure environmental awareness in all fields of activity in a systematic and regular manner.

OHS Policy

  • To evaluate the dangers and take protective measures to minimize the effects of risks that may occur,

  • To increase awareness of our employees by providing OHS related trainings,

  • Ensuring the continuous development and improvement of our management system by ensuring the participation of everyone,

  • To be prepared for emergencies that may occur by taking the necessary measures,

  • To fulfill all legal obligations.

Quality policy

  • We focus all of our services on providing unconditional customer satisfaction. We believe that the continuous development and training of all our employees is essential for the continuous improvement of our service and system.

  • We believe that the thoughts of our employees and our staff will enable us to achieve excellence in the services we provide and we attach importance to the protection of the environment.

  • We strive to earn our customers their respect and loyalty by offering products and services of the highest value possible. In our opinion, profit is the reward given to us by our customers for as long as we keep them satisfied and maintaining our relationships.

  • We are responsible for the fact that our employees are people who share in the success of our company, who are participatory, creative, who constantly improve themselves, who are satisfied with their work and feel safe.

  • Quality for us; It is the most important tool necessary to do the right thing, at the right time, while fulfilling our responsibilities.

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