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Establishment of Reference Monitoring Network Project in Turkey

Reference Monitoring Network's establishment in Turkey Project Closure Meeting is made under the Water Management Director General, Mr. Bilal DİKMEN chairmanship of the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry staff and all relevant institutions and with the participation of organizations' representatives in Ankara Hotel Movenpick Covidien 19 measures.


Reference Monitoring Network in Turkey Establishing the purpose of the project, reference areas and to identify those areas that represent the reference point is the creation of monitoring and evaluation for the purpose of making reference monitoring network in 25 basins.


In this context;


  • According to the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive (2000/60 / EC) and the Regulation on Monitoring Surface and Groundwater (OJ 11.02.2014 / 28910), each biological quality component (benthic macroinvertebrate, For phytoplankton, phytobenthos, fish, macrophyte, macroalga and angiosperm), a sufficient number of candidate reference areas specific to each type were determined,

  • Studies were carried out to monitor general chemical, physicochemical, biological and hydromorphological parameters in specified reference areas,

  • According to the results obtained as a result of the monitoring studies carried out, by ensuring the selection of the final reference monitoring points and the creation of a reference monitoring network for our country; the project was completed in 46 months in total.


Due to the importance of our project for our country, for a successful conclusion;


  • One of our Group companies, Çınar Çevre Laboratuvarı A.Ş. Appointed as a Subcontractor,

  • Cooperation has been established with 20 different universities,

  • A total of 200 people took part in the execution of this project, including 72 highly valued academicians and experts from our universities.


"Establishing the Reference Monitoring Network in Turkey Project" public, is one of the most important and largest project to provide university and private sector cooperation.


During the project;


  • 11 working groups, 6 orientation meetings, 3 workshops and 2 in-service trainings were held,

  • Work was carried out in 2082 water bodies and 854 Reference Points were determined,

  • 4.5 times the distance of the earth's circumference,

  • More than 10 thousand species have been identified,

  • Significant contributions have been made to the world of science.


The project contributed significantly to the protection of our country's resource values ​​and achieving sustainable development criteria and was finalized within the framework of the objectives of our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.


Therefore, situated between the Establishment Project Portfolio Monitoring Network in Turkey by 2023; A very important threshold has been passed in terms of protecting the resource values ​​of our country, determining the characteristics of all our water resources throughout the country for a livable environment, protecting our water resources and creating a scientific and technological infrastructure to transfer them to future generations.


Mr. Bilal DİKMEN expresses our gratitude to Mr. and his precious team for contributing to such a project; As Çınar Family, we are proud and honored to take part in such an important project.


Establishment of the Reference Monitoring Network Project in Turkey, we hope that our country and our nation to be auspicious.

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