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Porsuk Basin Protection Plan

An information meeting on Porsuk Dam Lake Basin and Porsuk Stream Basin Protection Plan Preparation was held in Eskişehir. Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of Water and Sewerage Administration, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry General Directorate of Water Management, the contractor company Çınar Mühendislik, public institutions and organizations, non-governmental organizations and university representatives from the provinces of Kütahya, Bilecik, Uşak and Afyonkarahisar attended the meeting.

In the opening speech of the meeting, ESKİ General Manager Oğuzhan Özen stated that the Porsuk River is exposed to significant pollution, that the polluting factors should be determined and controlled in order to improve the water quality, and this is our duty to future generations as well as today. Oğuzhan Özen stated that it is important to treat and monitor the urban and industrial wastewater at an adequate level, to control the diffuse and polluting factors originating from agriculture with the right agricultural strategy, and to improve the quality of the Porsuk Dam and Basin.

Our Public Projects Department Manager, Senior Civil Engineer Aylin Koşok, Senior Landscape Architect Bora Erdem, Deputy Project Coordinators Specialist Biologist Tuğçe Ataç and Environmental Engineer Emre Erciyas attended the meeting held on the Preparation of the Conservation Plan. Regarding the preparation of the Porsuk Stream Basin Protection Plan, Deputy Project Coordinator and Environmental Engineer Emre ERCİYAS made a presentation on the purpose and subject of the project.

Bureaucrats of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry General Directorate of Water Management also participated in the meeting via remote connection and shared their solution suggestions. Deputy General Manager Dr. While Yakup Karaaslan said that the past period monitoring studies should also be taken into consideration, Taner Kimençe, Head of the Basin Management Department, said, "The results of the first monitoring study have started to come. These are very important data to make a comparison with the past period."

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