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Basin Monitoring and Determination of Reference Points Project - Sakarya River Basin

Administration: General Directorate of Water Management

Scope: Yalova province, which is within the borders of Termal district of Yalova province; city centre,  Çınarcık, Çiftlikköy and Altınova districts, İpek Paper Factory, Aksa Elyaf Factory and Tersan Shipyard where drinking and utility water is supplied to Gökçe Dam Lake, water resources feeding the dam, protection of the source and By evaluating the characteristics of the basin with scientific studies, redefining the protection areas and determining the social, economic, physical, geological, hydrogeological, hydromorphological, ecological and chemical properties based on scientific data in order to protect and improve the water quality and quantity of the Gökçe Dam Lake Basin on a basin basis. Dam Lake Basin Water Quality Monitoring Reference Points Determination and Modeling” study.

















In the Sakarya River Basin, at the points determined by the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs in the surface (river, lake, transitional water, coastal water) and underground waters, Article 8 of the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) Within the scope of -5, the physico-chemical, chemical, biological and hydromorphological quality elements of the water bodies in question were monitored and data flow was obtained. The steps carried out within the scope of the project are given below.

Project steps:

1. In seasonal periods, water quality and water level were measured 4 times a year and biological monitoring was carried out once a year, and water quality and water level were measured twice a year in groundwater.

2. Monitoring of water and biological quality elements 4 times a year and once a year in 3-month periods at coastal-crossing waters monitoring points,

3. Instant flow measurement at all monitoring points

4. Preserving and transporting the samples to the laboratory and performing physicochemical, chemical and biological analyzes,

5. SEA and sister directives of the analysis results, Regulation on Water Pollution Control, Regulation on the Quality of Drinking Water Obtained and Planned to be Obtained, Regulation on the Protection of Groundwater against Pollution and Deterioration, Regulation on Control of Pollution Caused by Hazardous Substances in Water and its Environment, Evaluation according to the Bathing Water Quality Regulation and other relevant legislation,

6. Creating Water Pollution Maps by transferring all collected data and evaluation results to Geographic Information Systems (GIS),

7.Preparing the obtained data and evaluation results in the form of “Interim Reports” in quarterly periods and presenting them to the Administration.

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