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Gökçe Dam Lake Basin Water Quality Monitoring Reference Points Determination and Modeling Project

Administration: General Directorate of Water Management

Scope: Yalova province, which is within the borders of Termal district of Yalova province; city centre,  Çınarcık, Çiftlikköy and Altınova districts, İpek Paper Factory, Aksa Elyaf Factory and Tersan Shipyard where drinking and utility water is supplied to Gökçe Dam Lake, water resources feeding the dam, protection of the source and By evaluating the characteristics of the basin with scientific studies, redefining the protection areas and determining the social, economic, physical, geological, hydrogeological, hydromorphological, ecological and chemical properties based on scientific data in order to protect and improve the water quality and quantity of the Gökçe Dam Lake Basin on a basin basis. Dam Lake Basin Water Quality Monitoring Reference Points Determination and Modeling” study.

It is aimed to reduce the possible negative effects of the current situation in the future by determining the current situation with the special provisions that emerged as a result of the evaluation and implementation studies in the project area, and to protect the basin by improving the water quality with the studies carried out in the basin.

Project steps:

1. Analysis of the current situation of the basin

2. Determination of pollutant sources (point and diffuse sources) affecting water quality

3. Determination of the water quality of the basin (underground and surface water quality)

4. Preparation of the current pollution map

5. Statement of assessment and recommendations (description of pressures and impacts)

6. Determining the necessary measures to be taken

7. Establishment of the Protection Plan.

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